Holy Week Missions 2012 ♥

The only muscle I workout is the heart.

MISSIONS – It truly is the best way to spend holy week. This year, our group was twice the size as last year’s a.k.a yey to more friends and hearts who are on fire! Anyway, on to the quote above, we had this promo pic wherein the boys say that they workout bec. the heart is a muscle too. Well in my case, I don’t workout at all plus I love food so riddle that (I am a hippo) Reaching out and touching so many lives not only enriches the souls of the people you meet but also your own. This year, we went back to Lipa, Batangas and hello to my yearly t-shirt tan! Tee hee. All worth it for souls! Some of the girls will be going to Tingloy, Batangas next year for missions and I can’t wait for that!



3 thoughts on “Holy Week Missions 2012 ♥

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