Coachella 2012 Post 1

While everyone’s having that wet hot american summer at Coachella (get the reference? tee hee), I am burning here in Manila. Hitting the beach in 12 days which is taking forever!!! But anyway, here are some of the celebs spotted in the hottest music festival this year!

Jared Leto being old

Kate Bosworth + boyfriend or something

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys

David Hasselhoff + someone

Vanessa Hudgens + boyfriend being idjots

Katy Perry

Paris Hilton

Aziz Ansari

Zoë Kravitz

Uncle Mitchell

Kellan Lutz being gross

Flawless Emma Roberts

Lindsay Lohan + random dude… like, I can’t tell if she’s in danger or not.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Josh Hutcherson


WHERE IS BB KING HARRY? Anyway, flaw free Harry Styles and I thank you for your time.



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