Celebrity Weight Losses and How They Did It!

Since I’m currently kind of the hippo type, I decided to take inspiration from those who persevered in losing weight! No, I’m not going to skip meals (lol I never plan to bec. I love food too much) but a little reducing and exercise won’t hurt! Challenge accepted!

Kelly Osbourne – lost 42 lbs

The wild child turned glam goddess shed her heavy set frame for her stint in “Dancing with the Stars,” reportedly 162 at her heaviest, Kelly says“A trick I’ve learned is to eat just a little bit of something that has no carbs and no sugar in it before you go to sleep because keeps your metabolism going.”

Jordin Sparks – lost 30 lbs

Pop-star Jordin Sparks slimmed down from a size 14 to a slender 8. Jordin says Zumba and portion control helped her get her curvaceous new figure.

Jennifer Hudson – lost 8 lbs

Jennifer Hudson slimmed down to an astonishing size 4, all thanks to Weight Watchers.

Jonah Hill – lost 40+ lbs

Funny Man Jonah Hill made no jokes about his weight after dropping a total of 40lbs this past year. Jonah took the healthy route and enlisted a nutritionist to help curb his diet and a trainer to help slim his bod.

Oprah Winfrey – lost 160 lbs

Oprah Winfrey has publicly struggled with her weight for years reaching, at her heaviest, 237 lbs. Now at a fit and toned 160, Oprah admits she shed pounds by eating less sugar and fewer refined carbs and more fresh, whole foods like fish, spinach, and fruit.

Seth Rogen – lost 30 lbs

He lost weight by eating well and exercising with a personal trainer.

Gary Barlow – 12st

Gary, 40, has credited his wife Dawn, a dancer on the band’s 1995 tour, with his success and admits there is no quick fix when it comes to slimming.

Raven Symone – lost 35 lbs

“[It wasn’t] just over eating because I’ve actually been eating the same. I keep a little bit more smaller portions (…) my body just reacted a certain kind of way. Same type of exercising, if any because I don’t like to sweat, it’s the hair.”




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