Dream A Little More


Yipee!!! Just today, I got my package from DREAM A LITTLE MORE and I’m loving it! I’m super psyched to wear them out and about with just anything! These simple tees can be paired with different accessories and bottoms; from pants to skirts to shorts to leggings, you name it! DLM sells statement shirts and totes that are perfect for every fangirl (a.k.a me) and for those who are just looking for something fun! I got a top that reads “I LOVE THE BOY WITH THE BREAD” and a muscle shirt that says “I SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT I AM UP TO NO GOOD“. Sounds familiar? OPP CORRS IF YOU ARE POTTERHEADS AND CITIZENS OF PANEM!

Just saw my package tonight so sorry for my very usual haggard self 😀 Tee hee. Came home from Eastwood for a bit of shopping and these surprised me when I got home!

BUSTED! Haha me in my frames!

I think I was looking at my screen. Whatevs.






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