New Faces of Material Girl + Valentine’s Date with Material Girl & The Little Things She Needs

Meet the new faces of Material Girl: Samantha Titus, Katrina (Tina) Arandjelovic and Kimberly Perry. The girls beat out thousands of wannabe catwalkers in the brand’s “Lucky Stars” model search, and were handpicked by the mother-daughter duo to front the line.

V-DAY looks from Material Girl

Click here for info on the: pink top, cut-out dress, black sweater, nail polish and lip gloss. I love being a Material Girl! Dear relatives, feel free to send me some more love! Tee hee.

The Little Things She Needs Sale from Feb. 14-29!

I love TLTSN! My feet and my pocket agree to this. They’re not pricey and they’re comfortable! Definitely heading over there soon! …probably when I get back from Baguio & Pangasinan. Besides having a hot date with Ben & Jerry, I’ll be spending Valentine’s making myself happy even with the little things.



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