Boracay 2011

Last Dec. 19-22, 2011, I went to the paradise island, BORACAY! It was such a memorable experience and a really great way to end the year. I went with my brother (my travel buddy) and my ninang, uncle and cousin from Illinois. Well what can I say, I’m good company. LOL haha. So last Dec. 18-19, my brother and I stayed at Prince Plaza with our aunt from Boston. We woke up at around 5:30 in the morning to go the airport.  I wore a jersey tee from Zara, jeans and belt from Forever 21, flip flops from Havaianas, frames from Mango, messenger sling bag from Mango and bracelets from Baguio City.We ate breakfast at none other than PANCAKE HOUSE!

When we got to the island, we stayed in this beautiful hotel along the beach called Red Coconut. After checking-in, I changed out of my pants (don’t ask why I was wearing them… I have no idea either o___O) and then we had lunch in Island inasal at the D’Mall! We went shopping for a bit, and the rest of the day was spent on relaxation.

The following days were so much fun! It was packed with activities and soooo muuuuch fooood! Not only did I burn my skin, but we also burned so much money (and fast too!) The only thing I didn’t burn were calories 😐 Funny thing, Tuesday nights were apparently ladies’ night and guess who they served Margaritas to? Tee hee.

They make the best shakes in Boracay!

My “Titanic” moment. HAHA

In Puka Beach


(that you should definitely try too!)

1. Drank straight from a coconut

2. Got my hair braided

3. Got a henna tattoo that reads “Accio”

4. Went for a Banana boat ride and the Flying Fish (no pictures on the flying fish because the digital camera ran out of battery, so.)

5. Went snorkeling and island hopping

6. Got a massage by the beach

7. Visited Puka Beach (the sand is amazing!)

8. Tried isaw/”intestines” for the first time  (it was okay… I guess)

9. Tried skim-boarding (hella hard -____-)

10. Buried my body in the sand (again, no photo since the battery died)

I’m looking forward to my next visit! My first visit to Boracay was 10 years ago and I’m really happy I got to visit this place again! x


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