Lol ignore the fugly face and YEY SNOW! Not getting any here in Manila, so. AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS! WEE! Just had Noche Buena with mi familia from my mother’s side. In a few hours, the Kagaoan clan is having our annual Christmas lunch, then having Christmas dinner with more people! ‘Tis really the season to be jolly!!!


Some of you may have heard about the recent calamity that hit Cagayan de Oro in the past week. I’ve been tweeting about it (and mentioned too about how amaaaaazing their hamons are btw) and things aren’t getting better. If you wanna know how to lend a helping hand, CLICK HERE. My fam and I donated relief goods already and it would be awesome if YOU, yes YOU, could also give what you can. Whatever that may be – from clothes, food, to even our prayers, that would be amazing. Thank you in advance! ALSO!!! I would like to ask for your prayers for the soul of my guidance counselor in 5th grade and a mother of a Junior in my school, Ms. Flor Morales. She passed away yesterday and it came as a shocker to us all. Please please please pray for her. Thank you!!!



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