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Once Upon A Time 1×06 Promo

I AM SUPER FAST. HAHA. I JUST NEED THIS NEXT EPISODE IN MY LIFE ALREADY, SO. I’m about to watch this week’s episode and I heard it’s really good! Dibs on Prince Charming. But OMG, I super ship Snow White and Prince Charming. If they don’t get back together soon… well Kathryn you better pray they do or else -___- lol. So excited! Anyway, enjoy!



Baguio 2011

So sorry for (again) being M.I.A these past 11 days. Today, I just took my UE-CET and I passed! I got a 1.5 GPA, which is high here in MNL since the highest grade you can get is 1. Because of that, I became qualified to join their scholarship program! Awesome! Anyway, I also participated in a fashion show which hopefully, I get to blog about very soon once they’ve released photos. MOVING ON…

Last Nov. 21-24, my class went to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City!

We stayed in a really beautiful retreat house which is right next to our sister school, St. Martin! All proceeds of our fair go to this school and it’s such a good cause. The children are amazing; I feel like crying. It was freezing every single day. The temperature ranged from 12°C- 19°C. The following pictures are few because we were mostly really active in the activities and Sir Bohol/Fr. Edwin were the only ones allowed to use the video cam/camera. Anyway, here are some snapshots of our first day!

An actual Igorot elder! Cool beans! We also tasted rice wine!


After saying bye to the kids, we took a jeepney and had our market exposure. I swear, I think there were a million people there or something. Woah. In the evening, our facilitator, Fr. Edwin, gave amazing talks and we had a trust game wherein we were paired up and we took turns in wearing a blindfold. Denise made me crawl under a really long table and then just made me crawl on the floor! HAHA!

Day 2 was super fun! We started the day with a mass at 6:30 am where I read the longest passage eveeeer. Loljk. Then, we had a stargate activity wherein we all had to go through this square thingy tied to stocked plastic chairs. We weren’t allowed to touch it or else we’ll be “dead”. We were given an hour and a half to finish it and we felt so much pressure when Fr. Edwin told us that sections 1 and 2 weren’t able to finish it! During our first attempt, 5 people already “died” so we decided to sacrifice one and start all over again. In our second attempt, we were able to bring everyone across with one “dead” in 40 minutes! WHEW!


After lunch, we went hiking and GAAAAAA the road was super steep! And our theme song during this hike was:

Again, only Fr. Edwin and Sir Bohol had cameras/video cams in their hands. When we got back, we had siesta and thank God for that! Throughout this retreat, we were given a lot of inspirational talks and watched videos. One was Derek Redmond’s story which I’ve sobbed over a million times but still gets me every time I see it.

After dinner, we had an affirmation activity which was so beautiful. I belonged to the last batch and I’m super grateful for everyone who lined up for me. LABYU GUYS. Now moving on to day 3… hmm. This was the most interesting day. In the morning, we wore our drop dead gorgeous clothes. I wore a sheer and velvet red and black dress from Forever 21, a layered heart necklace from Aldo, and black wisteria wedges from CMG. I literally don’t care how haggard I look. HAHA! Hands down to everyone who really did look gorgeous. Beautiful, guys.

I love this girlalooo to bits! We actually went to the spa the next day!

1/2 of the WOLFPACK!

My fierce watch is so fierce.

With Angelo and Carle. Such cuties

Gosh, I’m super gonna miss these people…


In the afternoon, we watched another inspirational video from Nick where Jerie and I cried like babies. Now, in the latter part of the day, we had three major activities wherein my entire class wailed hysterically. Fr. Edwin said ours was the craziest! Thinking about it now is kinda funny, but during the activity, we were all literally drowning in tears… loljk not literally. That’s insane. I hugged people so tightly, danced with them, walked with them but they can’t respond. I really couldn’t help but cry… PLUS FR. EDWIN WAS GIVING SOME SORT OF COMMENTARY! HAHA! He’d be like, “you’re so lucky to be with these people in your last year of high school” or “you may never find friends like these again” and everyone was like,



…actually, we were worse. HUHU MOVING ON. We had a class mass that Wednesday evening and then we bonded with the sisters. Some were listening to ghost stories from Fr. Edwin! We also had hotdog and s’mores by the fireplace! Wee! Here are some pics from last night (these are really random. We were on a high or something. HAHA)

The next day, we ate our breakfast, said our good-byes, and drove back to Manila.

This whole experience has simply been amazing. We were able to bond like crazy and get closer to Christ through the various talks, adoration and confession. The food was awesome, the road trip was awesome, my roommates were awesome, everything was just perfect. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you IV-3 AA2012. I love you guys.