SUBIC 2011 + Parties + TV Series Promos

SUBIC 2011

The reason why I’ve been super M.I.A. (missing in Armani. Loljk) is because I was super busy with school (I’m talking about having only around two hours of sleep per night! Okay fine, four hours max per night) Last week, I went to school for only three days. From October 20-22, my RC girls and I decided to hit Subic for some rest and recreation. Funny thing though, still slept late during these nights and woke up early to do FUN FUN FUN FUN stuff. Anyway, we stayed at Triboa Bay Villa 3 and here are some snap shots!

We had the most amazing view…

Walking on the rocks to get to the sandy part of the bay was suuuper hard! Even bruised myself. HUHU. Of course I’m the one with the really high bun. HAHA! As always.

Don’t worry. We swam further. HAHA

After being in salty water (lol) we hit the pool!

We also watched movies, played games/sports, ate amaaazing food (drooling), etc. It was fun girls! Let’s do it again soon!

Anyway, some of us had to drive back to Manila earlier because we had to attend some events.


I had to go to a debut that Saturday evening and the next day was my little sister’s 7th birthday party. Here are some pics!

Here’s the celebrant! Crizelle, guuurl you are fabulous. Did I also mention that her debut was at the Sofitel? RK! loool

I love these girlies…

Here’s the only photobooth scan I have so far. WHERE ART THOU OTHERS? Oh well, posting it when I find them. Oh and YES, I’m one of the very few who decided not to wear make-up, fix their hair or put effort into the outfit. LOOOL. Mind you that I came from Subic and I had around thirty minutes to prepare. Wooo!

Last but not the least, my little sis celebrated her 7th birthday party at Mcdonalds the next day, October 23. Not putting any party photos though ’cause I’m not in them. Haha! I was with my super close cousins, so. We were super funny!




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