Give Up The Funk – AASeniors12

Words cannot express how happy I am for my batch! We were super (excuse the language) badass! Tee hee.

Lol we even had a mini “photobooth” while waiting for our games! HAHA! Hi Ate Niqui!

Here’s some of the merch! We actually got a blue shirt, jersey, and a gray one. We were also given these awesome tattoos! HA! I also bought a banner which is now hanging on my red board and we also have clappers! We so cool!

I was part of this year’s softball team and PRAISE THE LORD! We won first place! YEHEEEEEY! The SENIORS MMXII are also the over-all champions! Everyone did their best and it was definitely a moment worth remembering. Feel like crying again. AHHH! Didn’t even eat the whole day but I’ve got so much energy!!! AGAIN,


Oh and can I just say, the Freshies, Sophies, and Juniors put up a really good fight. I’m so impressed. The whole high school body was on fire! Amazing. Also, thanks for the support of the other batches! Better than what we experienced last year… YEAR I-III, HANDS DOWN. I’m pretty sure the games next year will also be as exciting as this year’s. x

P.S. to some people who are acting out and are bitter (which are publicly shown all over the internet and saying it out loud… weird) please don’t. Have a sense of sportsmanship you guys. You were amazing too. There’s always next year! Don’t forget that 🙂 All I can leave you with is this message…


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