In The Morning, It Will All Be Better

GETTING MY SABAW FACE ON. No poise, no shame. I’m just sooo tired so, forgive me.

Today was super tiring. My class went swimming in the morning which left us sleepy and restless throughout the day. One teacher even got mad at us for being knocked out in her class (lol… well, it’s calculus aka its extra draining) but our College Algebra teacher was super nice. Go Sir Noel! Thanks for being so understanding! Anyway, I’ll be very busy and it would be a miracle if I’ll be able to post within this week. From Thursday to Saturday afternoon, I’ll be in SUBIC! Hitting the beach since it’s extra hot here in Manila… which is odd. Whatevs. Also, I’m going to a friend’s debut on Saturday night and on Sunday, it’s my little sis’ 7th birthday party! This week is hella hectic. Hope you guys will enjoy this week! Moving that aside, I really need a nap…

“When you wake up, the world will come around”Β For on-going updates about yours truly, feel free to follow me on twitter! x

P.S. to those who are going through a rough time as well, Woody and I would like you to know…


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