It’s A Small World

“India! India! It’s Set In India! And there’s a courtesan, the most beautiful courtesan in all the world.”

Last Friday, my school celebrated our UN day 🙂 Just wanted to show some pictures from the day. It felt so fast but it was super fun! Plus, our level activity was such a success and everybody was really awesome!

China, From the Caribbean, Mexico, India

Authentic German (head to toe, literally), Authentic Indian (shoulder to toe)

Korea, Germany, India (I miss our sister bond from last year. WE WERE INSEPARABLE!)

Spain, India

Thailand, Spain, Denmark, India

Our class productions! We were dubbing the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden. I was the voice of San Chai! We had the best performance! haha no bias though… *ehem* We also had a dance number called “Calypso” and afterwards, we all sang “Its a Small World”, “Heal the World”, and “Kaleidoscope World”.

WOLFPACK ♥ Korea, India, Germany, France

Some of us got really creative with their costumes! My batch is so awesome! HAHA! It’s our last UN day 😦 Embracing every moment as it comes. Who run the world? #AA2012 x


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