I ♥ Holic Accessories

Today was super tiring! I ran so many errands for the Band Screening today held at my school and can I just say, IT WAS A SUCCESS! Congrats Pub! ♥ Anyway, when I got home, I received some goodies from HOLIC ACCESSORIES! I got a chain headpiece and golightly bracelets! Did you know that in every purchase of Golightly and Warhol bracelets, you are actually helping a Gawad Kalinga Community? Yes, Gawad Kalinga provides handicraft laborers for Holic Accessories! So, the more orders you make, the more laborers GK will need aka more work for Gawad Kalinga’s residents! Go ahead and support Holic Accessories and Gawad Kalinga! With HOLIC, you can be fashionable and help a community all at the same time. Btw, THANK YOU HOLIC 🙂

Let me tell you guys a little fact: THURSDAYS, FOR ME, ARE CURSED. Every Thursday, something bad happens to me. This week, I got fever and was sooo sick the whole day aka I was in my school’s clinic. I had to go to school on Friday (even though I was down with the flu) because it was the awarding ceremony for the PCPGE Inter-school Ecology Week wherein different schools in Luzon competed through different forms of art. I was the representative of my school for the On-The-Spot English Essay Writing Contest and guess who’s luck turned around? ME! I won first place! So awesome! Leggo Mother Earth! My school was also the over-all champion, garnering 100 points! WEE! Our high school Glee club was also given a hall of fame award for winning 10 times in the eco-song fest! Way to go!





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