First Chapter: Welcome To Pottermore!

Ever since I found out that I would be included in the lucky 1 million people for early selection into Pottermore, I checked my gmail every single day. Today, oh my golly finally, I received my acceptance letter πŸ™‚ #SHAKINGANDCRYING I have been waiting for an entry into Hogwarts since I was 7!!! Haha! For those who have to wait until October, I’m telling you guys – it’s so worth the wait.

I won’t be spoiling because the uncertainty of what’ll happen next is just thrilling! I LOVE ITΒ β™₯ While reading the first few mini-chapters, I couldn’t help but feel like crying because I could picture the whole thing in my head all over again… OH MEMORIES. I was in the middle of doing my homeworks, but what the hell! HAHA!

Being in the cupboard under the stairs in Pivet Drive, shopping in Diagon Alley, rushing to find Platform 9 3/4, and being sorted in the Great Hall – Pottermore has kept the magic. I’m looking forward to the other adventures stored for us! Feel free to add me!





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