Pretty Little Liars MidSeason Post

I’ve ranted on tumblr and on twitter and now, I have just got to blog about my feelings. OMG so last night, I watched 2×12 of Pretty Little Liars and I died, or something. I could not believe what happened. UNACCEPTABLE. Just, ugh. You guys must’ve seen it right? We’ve got our questions, and believe me, I NEED MINE TO BE ANSWERED ASAP. Luckily, one of the producers, Marlene King, lets us breathe for a while with these answers.

1. Jenna (Tammin Sursok) will have eye surgery! “She is going to have that surgery. I’m not going to say if the surgery is a success or not, but she will have that surgery.”

2. The shovel killed Alison (Sasha Pieterse)! “That shovel is the murder weapon; the field hockey stick was a red herring. Alison was buried alive, she died of suffocation, but that’s what was used to bash her skull in.”

3. Mike Montgomery (Cody Christian) is not “A”! “I can tell you from this season’s Episodes 7 and 8, there was a lot of speculation that Aria (Lucy Hale)’s little brother, Mike, was ‘A.’ But in the episode where Mike had an emotional scene with his sister, we did a direct cut right after that to Dr. Sullivan being watched, so it was like, ‘Oh shoot, we killed a theory!’”

4 .Spoby are over — for now! “A really has gone after that relationship now and [they] will really struggle….and I’m a huge “Spoby” fan, so it’s hard for me.”(There go our dreams of seeing their future baby and his six-pack.)

5. There’s no end in sight for Ezria! “By the end of the [next] premiere, there will be some huge resolution to that story. Ezria is very much a part of this show and down the line, who knows? But right now, it’s very difficult to conceive of this show without Ezra [Ian Harding] and Aria together.”

6. The little liars and Jenna/Garrett will face off! “It’s a Mexican standoff between [the girls and] Jenna and Garrett, not unlike Ian in Season 1. Once Jenna and Garret realize the Pretty Little Liars are on to them, the Pretty Little Liars are in definite jeopardy.”

7. The little liars serve their community! “They have community service when we come back, and they’re in some serious trouble. There are no formal charges against them, but they are certainly persons of interest once again.”


YEY! ABC also gives us a Halloween-themed special episode which will premiere on October 19 (US) / 20 (MNL)! Here’s a promo and can I just say, alleluia!!!

And to whoever “A” is…




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