Misfits x Las Vegas

Who could ever forget about Future Simon’s promise to Alisha? I have waited for soooo long and finally, I (at least) have news about Misfits Series 3! It’ll start off in a Vegas episode online, which will be Nathan’s farewell. He has Marnie + Nathan Jr. so I guess we know now why he’s leaving. Huhu. The title of this Mini-Episode is VEGAS BABY! which will premiere on E4.com on September 15 so watch out for that! Apparently, he’s gonna use his new superpower and he’ll be hitting the casinos… hmm, I wonder what his new power will be. I just can’t wait to find out!

IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Thanks a lot E4 for hooking me up to this show and leaving me hanging FOR A YEAR. Gar. Come back already. Thank God they’re premiering in October this year!!! Omg, does that mean there’ll be more episodes? Eep! Can’t wait x


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