“Because You Fight For Your Soulmates” -Cal Weaver

This day flew by so fast! I woke up today at 7am (gar it isn’t a Friday but my parents have been waking me up around this time. Guess who’s pissed off) and I felt super lazy. Got up, ate pancakes for breakfast then started tweeting. Didn’t tweet that much because I got hooked up on the latest news, that is the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards! [See previous post for details] At around 10-ish, my parents watched “Friends with Benefits” which I already watched last night so I started blogging about the VMAs. Then my sister from the States Facebook-called me and we started talking. Hey Ats! Look who took home 3D glasses… HAHA

Afterwards, mems decided to have early lunch so we could go to Eastwood City early. Daddy played tennis (which he misses so much due to work) so it was just me, my little sister MJ and my mom. When we got there, we bought our tickets. I wanted to see Crazy Stupid Love while mother and sister watched Cars 2 a.k.a I was alone in the cinema full of couples.


Oh, I’ve said this many times to my fam and now I’ll say it here, CRAZY STUPID LOVE WAS AMAZING ♥ Four thumbs up! And yes, that includes my toes. I recommend everyone to see it! …well, those who are allowed to watch PG13 anyways. The acting was excellent, it was funny, and it wasn’t stupid at all. Lol. I want to watch it again! That’s how good it was. I even quoted the movie, hence the blog title. Speaking of ‘soulmates’, while I waited for my movie to start (which was at 3:10pm) I relaxed at this Thai foot spa called Solemates. It’s actually right next to Big Apple Express Spa! Now after drooling all over the film, we stopped by this Filipino restaurant called Crisostomo because my mom wanted to try their sorbetes. We ended up buying baked oysters too. Hay mami.

Afterwards, we went home and my dad bought takeout food again! Tee hee. He ordered pancit and barbeque… what a way to complete a Filipino food day! He read my mom’s mind I guess. Haha! Here’s what I wore today… Hello once again photobooth! Vanity strikes once more. Forgive me.

My sequined top is from Mango, high waisted shorts from Coexist, feathered necklace from Folded & Hung, black wrist watch from Swatch, rosaries from Italy, pink Keep Calm fat band & blue Blessed Pope John Paul baller, brown shoulder bag from Mango, and a gold hippie band turned bracelet 🙂


Tomorrow is the last day of my long weekend. Everyday has been full of surprises and I can’t wait for what God has in store for me. Don’t forget:

  1. Keep in touch with your loved ones
  2. Try out Solemates Authentic Thai Foot Massage and Crisostomo Filipino Cuisine Restaurant, both in Eastwood City
  3. Watch CRAZY STUPID LOVE. You will not regret it, I promise. You will have lotsa laughs and you will learn to fall in love again.



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