I ♥ Vitamilk

I just can’t get enough of VITAMILK! I first tried this drink last July with my friend Bea during one of our lunch breaks. She had the chocolate flavor and I had the soy (white) one. It comes in a cute bottle, which at first glance may look like beer, (lol) and its really tasty + healthy! It is not yet as popular here in the Philippines unlike in other countries but I’m pretty sure if this goes viral, people would wanna try it everyday, like yours truly. So head on to the nearest convenience store/grocery near you!

I don’t care if I look crazy in these photos! HAHA! I am super haggard, oh and I’m wearing my new PJ’s! (wore them to school actually for Community day) It’s a Minnie Mouse top and pink bottom. Love them matching jammies in the dept. store! Oh and guess who forgot to flip these photos… LOL



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