Celeb Health Tips


What They Wear

Anyway, straight to the point 🙂  – I wanna get back into shape. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be eating heavy breakfast, fruits for lunch, and light dinner. My buddies and I are not only trying to save money but we also wanna be fit. There’s nothing wrong with that right? Tomorrow I’ll be starting with my C.A.T (Citizen’s Army Training) for women. Wish me luck! Anyway, here are some health tips from celebrities and the source is non other than trusty, US Weekly:

-Sprinting not only burns huge amounts of calories, it also keeps your metabolism on overdrive for days!

– Switch the chips for vegetable sticks — celery, carrots, bell peppers and tomatoes!

– Cashews are lower in fat than most nuts and are rich in copper, magnesium, zinc, iron and biotin

– Avocados are the perfect food for pregnant women. The folate in one avocado is almost 30 percent of the recommended daily intake for the prevention of life-threatening birth defects of the brain and spine

– Tomatoes contain lycopene, a strong antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and is known to prevent cancer. Tomatoes also contain large amounts of Vitamins C and A.

– Pecans are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, B and E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and zinc

– Studies suggest that meditating for 20 minutes twice a day can help lower high blood pressure

– Studies show pineapples reduce inflammation of the body, which makes it easier for the immune system to fight heart disease, and diabetes

– Quinoa is a “complete protein,” meaning it contains all the essential amino acids the body needs — similar to milk, but without fat or cholesterol

– A low-fat diet containing avocados has been shown to lower cholesterol levels of the dangerous LDL and increase the levels of healthy HDL

– When we stretch, we not only increase our range of motion, but we also reduce stress, improve circulation, balance and coordination, reduce muscular tension and increase energy levels

– Eating a handful of berries a day will make you look younger, as they’ve been found to boost antioxidant activity, which keeps free radicals from aging the body too quickly



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