Love Is Louder Than…

I used to be very insecure with the way I look before. They used to say I was too skinny so I ate. Then lately, they’ve been telling me I’m too fat so they want me to reduce. Right now, I do my best to watch my weight, not to compromise or try to please anyone, but I do it for me – with where I’m comfortable at and what makes me happy.

A lot of us are aware of bullying, pressure, and basically any force than makes us feel like an outsider, especially as teenagers. Even celebrities have their flaws and acknowledge it, but if we see something wrong with someone, we shouldn’t immediately criticize or bring them down in any way. An example of someone who stayed strong despite everything is Demi Lovato. I watched Demetria’s appearance over a year ago in America’s Next Top Model cycle 15 and I was very moved and inspired by her.

Here are some other celebs supporting a Β cause, “Love is louder than…” If you wanna show support to this campaign, CLICK HERE πŸ™‚




Anna Sophia Robb


brittany snow love louder tee 02

Here’s a short music video to brighten our spirits up! πŸ™‚



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