Update on Disney World’s Fantasyland Expansion

A piece of heaven has come here on earth to grace us with ultimate awesomeness! Here’s the layout! Ugh I just felt chills down my spine 😀 I NEED TO SEE THIS WHEN IT’S DONE.

BELLE’S VILLAGE – nearest to completion. It’s focus is the Prince’s castle and Gaston’s Tavern *squee* There’s also going to be a statue of Gaston in front of his tavern.

UNDER THE SEA: JOURNEY OF THE LITTLE MERMAID – Magic Kingdom’s ride will include Prince Eric’s castle *squee again* When the expansion is complete, the ride will be comprised of three castles and three mountains.

DUMBO – The familiar ride, which will add an additional carousel, will feature an air-conditioned waiting area, where riders will await their turns “much like a restaurant with reservations,” explains Jacobson. Previously, the area also included three tents that would serve as retail operations. Plans have been updated to include only two shops now.

SEVEN DWARFS MAIN TRAIN – this’ll be a new roller coaster attraction which has a “rocking” car (I could already picture the ride being in like an old mine shaft)


While they’re all busy doing this, I’m just sitting up here in my computer all like



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