Kat Graham Graces Us With TVD Details + Honey 2

Thanks to a certain twist that happened at the very end of “The Vampire Diaries” this season, the situation for Kat Graham’s Bonnie is going to be more than a little bit complicated. Thanks to some help from her ancestors, she was able to save her boyfriend Jeremy — in the process, though, she managed to cause Jeremy to see the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends Vicki and Anna (who were killed during season one). For Graham, she explained in a new interview that this was going to be a difficult season for her character:

“They might put Bonnie through hell … I’ve never seen Bonnie be the jealous type. I, Kat Graham, would have a little bit of an issue if my boyfriend’s exes just started showing up.”

Thankfully, we have no evidence suggesting that Jeremy is going to start engaging in some ghost-loving in the coming season. Instead, he’s probably going to try and use his powers for good to the best of his abilities. After all, Elena has to do her best to rescue Stefan from the claws of Klaus.


Fair warning –  don’t try to youtube her singing. I really like her but, no. Bad idea. “My Boyfriend’s Back” is now stuck in my head. Not pretty. x

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