If you follow my chictopia, then you’d know that Suelas is food to my feet. I love how comfortable and travel-friendly it is! I bought my very first pairs of Suelas shoes in a bazaar at the Mega Tent and I have been using it a lot ever since! I have a bunch of other ‘going out’ shoes like wedges from CMG, flats and gladiators from Steve Madden, Aerosoles, Schu, and Just G, flip flops from Havaianas, and heels from Forever 21 and Payless. But nothing would compare for my love for Suelas 🙂 I was always wondering when I’d get to go to another bazaar (since I’m not good with online shopping) and tada! They’re in the Mega Tent again! Wee!

Here are my first two pairs! (sorry the photos are of bad quality :|)

1.) Uhuh, I’m in the computer area and I just used my photobooth, just now 2.) Yes I  got darker and 3.) P.S. I have a knee injury 😦 I’ve been doing some isometric therapy but I’m seeing a doctor again tomorrow. No worries! Still going shoe shopping! I need flats more than ever now 😀 HAHA what a lame excuse. But anyway…

I’m grabbing a hold on these babies! MNL, see you there this weekend! 🙂



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