Coachella 2011 Post 1

A bunch of celebrities grace us with their presence (YES, I AM TALKING ABOUT ROBERT DOWNEY JR. + others…meh)

Robert Downey Jr.

BB is so freaking perfect. PS, I’m in love with your son.

Hudgens & Hutcherson

Vanessa has gotten way to hipster for my life that it had gotten mainstream, while Josh Hutcherson became a ninja.

Dominic Monaghan
and Elijah Wood

Cutie best friends are such cuties

Katy Perry

She is beyond awesome. What planet did she come from?

There were much more photos of other celebrities but they were just meh to me right now and their photos were kind of disgusting. Other celebrities spotted were Ashley Green & Joe Jonas, the Hilton sisters… ugh and a bunch of other wannabe hipsters.

ANYWAY, I’ll be leaving for Batangas therefore I’ll be gone until Sunday. HUHU I won’t get to see my fave tv shows until next week but whatever. Holy week is coming up and we must do a little sacrifice 😉 Ciao! x


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