American Idol Top 8 Post

This is the saddest day of my life. I am depressed as hell because a.) I had a bad morning, b.) being a high school student is a disadvantage for my dream internship and c.) TONIGHT’S IDOL RESULTS. Paul Mcdonald has crazy mad amazing vocals and although last night wasn’t one of his best performances, HIS STUDIO RECORDINGS ARE THE BEST.

When I saw this photo, I didn’t want to know the results yet. I literally started crying (which is apparently difficult since I have contacts on) I thought to myself that this day is not a good one. Ugh, I hate it so much! Well, everyone is doing really well on this show in this season so please America, vote like crazy!


Paul – Eliminated. I ♥ YOU. MARRY ME?

Stefano – he was really good last night. Haterzzz to the left

Haley – I’m so sorry but can someone please vote her off already?



Next week, The Top 7 will sing songs from the 21st century, with performances from Katy Perry and Season 7 winner, David Cook!

Yey! I am so happy that the love of my life will be back on idol! Besides my obsession with cookie monster, cookielle also originated from my love for David Cook! Anyway, KEEP SCOTTY AND CASEY FOR ME PLEASE?




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