I love watching short films! And I just saw this one just now actually 🙂 Amazing what google can do huh? It could lead you to amazing stories like this one that can change your perspective on certain things. This short film shows us that everything has it’s time and when that moment arrives, grab it and don’t let it go. As some people would say, “Good things come to those who wait” 😉 Enjoy! x


I just got back home from my interview at Mega. They said I had good qualifications, it’s good that I’m very active in my school and that I read their magazines. I only had one problem: I’m still in high school. They might make me an intern by May once the college girl intern is done with her hours and such. As I said, there’s a time for everything and maybe since I’m still in high school, I should be focusing on school first, aka review classes. Good things come to those who wait! Good thing I saw this video 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day! x


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