Color My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble

So let me blog about my day 🙂 I was on co-worker duty the whole day today! WEE! Well, it’s supposed to be for the whole summer but sadly, I had a conflict with my schedule for college review classes at Ahead. But all is good now because I could come by Everest and volunteer in the preparations for Missions and for Summer Camp. I’ll be attending Missions next week at Lipa, Batangas and you know what? If you’re in the Philippines and you’re interested too, it’ll be super cool if we could share this amazing experience together! If you wanna spend Holy Week in the most amazing and most memorable way possible, join missions! As I would say, it’ll be funzies 😉

Anyway, another amazing opportunity came up! You know how I’ve been dying to get an internship at Meg Magazine? Well guess what, I’ll be entertained for an interview this Friday! AWESOME! Their HR told me that they could make me an intern for MEGA, which is bigger than Meg because it’s more high fashion whereas Meg’s target audience are mostly teenagers. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time! Grab a copy of this month’s issues! Their covers are super flawless!

… Okay, hold up. I’m not gonna leave it like this, at monochrome. This is what it really looks like and there’s just this burst of color that’s dying to be read 😉

BAM! Burst of color right? What did I tell ya? HAHA! I could intern there by Monday (April 25) and the office is super near my review center which is just so amazing and efficient for me. And If you still don’t have Meg Magazine (even after I told you guys to buy it already 😐 please buy it. It’s awesome) Here’s the flawless cover!

Oh and excuse the face 😀 HAHA this was the only good shot of the cover and the rest had reflections and stuff, aka it’s really white. So, I’m already in my PJs and I took out my contacts since I’m ready to sleep. I just needed to blog and I hope that everything is going well with you guys too and to the rest of the world! Enjoy life guys and don’t waste a moment of it! Ciao! x


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