Spring’s Top 5 Accessory & Nail Art Trends

“Nail art seems intimidating, but it’s all about practice,”

-manicurist Bernadette Thompson

You may also try using sporty looks! Use sport bag totes, like bowling bags!

Go with abstract images and different ones on each finger, so people can’t see any mistakes you make! Accessorize also with metallic clutches and out of this world bracelets!

GO WILD! Now with your nails, when painting on spots or stripes, make sure the base coat is totally dry. Otherwise, you’ll end up with streaks!

Florals are easy because it’s a simple dot-on technique. If you make a mistake, though, have fun with it! Stick on a little rhinestone and no one will know.

Try accessorizing with spots and stripes!

“Pop culture icons like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé have really pushed the nail trend forward, hot nails are here to stay.”

-manicurist Bernadette Thompson




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