These Clips Won’t Embed, So.

So on this blog, not all clips can be embedded so sadly, I’ll just link to you guys the places where you need to be! Okay I know that sounds like an overstatement but they’re must see previews πŸ˜‰

Why We Love Grey's AnatomyI cannot wait for Grey’s Anatomy to come back but I’m not really sure about what to think on their musical episode. Seems wrong and…. awkward. Blll. Shaking that thought off for now. CLICK HERE for the promos!

SCREAM 4 has three new clips and if you wanna check it out, CLICK HERE.


PS The Skins Series 5 ending was awesome and I cannot wait ’til I get to watch them again… LOL that’ll be next year though. Anyway, I’d just like to share with you guys the things I learned about SKINS this year.

Hell yeah I learned a lot from them πŸ˜‰


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