Rebecca Black And Jenna Rose Are Taking Over The Internet!

Me ranting on my tumblr HERE 😐


I can’t even… Actually I can. Okay, so weekend came by and we were all hooked up in the news because of the catastrophe in Japan. All of a sudden, this crazy, annoying girl person who goes by the name of REBECCA BLACK starts annoying the heck out of me. She flooded my tumblr, twitter and youtube page. So I was all like, WHO DIS BE?!?! Aka Last Sunday (which “apparently” comes after Saturday because who knows right? UGH) was the most irritable afternoon I had. Yeah sure I laughed at her and her funny looking friends (who probably don’t know what the heck is going on around them and don’t know where to sit) but still!!! Here’s her “official video”: (Fair warning, if you wanna laugh or if you wanna be annoyed, click it)

My hero KINGSLEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY who is awesome as ever vlogs about Rebecca Black and he is accurate in so many ways.

Rebecca, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re not too offended. You’re popular now, just annoying. Think that we’re fair now 😉

jennarose Rebecca Black Could Never: Jenna Rose   My Jeans

Now, her (idk twin or something) Jenna Rose is just as crazy as her. I’m like “damn girl, if those many celebrities are wearing the same jeans you have… WHO CARES?!?!” Other annoying video this way:



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