Waiting For The Lights

TUESDAY NIGHTS ARE THE BEST TIME OF THE WEEK FOR ME 🙂 I don’t ever experience this much rush on a weekly basis, especially if its a school day. These tv shows, namely Pretty Little Liars90210Gossip Girl, and Chuck, keep me wanting to look forward to the coming days ahead. I quote my tweet last night, Tuesday,

Anyway, it’ll be weeks before the next few episodes air again, but I know that once it arrives, the wait will be worth it 😉 Here are the promos for the next episodes!

Pretty Little Liars (1×20 – Canada and USA promos)

Last night’s episode was awesome 😀 WEE! I am dying to know what happens next!

90210 (3×19)

1. Annie’s cousin (Y DO I KEEP FORGETTING HER NAME… oh well) is gone! Her ass be heading back to Arkansas and we are all happy. WEE!

2. Snoop Dogg in the house! …there was actually too much of him and not enough Liam, so. I guess I’m sad now.

3. The whole Annie + Liam scene was genius.

4. Adrianna is could just go and blow a horse… oh wait, that’s US SKINS.


Gossip Girl (4×19)

Yet again, Gossip Girl never ceases to amaze me. At first, I was back firing and I kind of didn’t like the past few episodes + I knew that Vanessa would be back so (-) negative points for that. But in this episode, God this episode, left me speechless. Why?

Yup! Speechless.

Chuck promo is still in the making. I die. Cannot wait for all these + Chuck! x

PS sorry for the really bad screen caps 😀 Oh and if you still haven’t seen the previous episodes, watch it now you loser!!! And sorry for the spoiler kissing scenes 🙂


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