Waiting For My Rocket To Come

Tuesday nights are one of the highlights of my week 🙂 Why? BECAUSE IT’ HAS ALL NEW EPISODES OF PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, GOSSIP GIRL90210 and CHUCK FOR ME! Since I’m in las Filipinas, I get the shows a day later. Boo. Anyway,

I loved this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (1×15) The whole Aria and Ezra story line is so romantic and I can’t wait to find out what’s next for them! Spencer’s life is getting twisted; it looks like the fingers are pointed at her now. I wonder if people will think that she did something to Allison that night (yes, the one they always talk about… like in every episode. Well, duh) I feel bad for Hanna’s mom though and I think Hanna and Caleb would look suuuper cute together, if they become a couple. I wonder what’ll happen with that. Huh. Anyway, Emily’s story is starting to get boring. Competing with possible lesbian Paige? Blech. Not my cup of tea.

Gossip Girl (4×13) was… meh. It was fine. Not completely mind-blowingly awesome or romantic but it was cool. Yeah. Whatever. But I want Blair’s internship so badly. Damn son!

90210 (3×13) was epic! UGH I HATE THAT NEW GIRL. See? I hate her so much I literally cannot remember her name. Wait, was it Kate? Or Camille? I dunno, whatever. She doesn’t exist. I LALALALOVE Annie + Liam. Liam himself is hot but I don’t really like Annie that much. She should keep seeing Liam so that I wouldn’t wanna punch her face back to Canada. Naomi is gorgeous. Hands down. I can’t wait for Silver and Navid to go public. Too cute and too sweet. I akready had a feeling there would be something between them ever since the awarding thingy. Adrianna just annoys me everybody Mother and teacher will be out of the show btw 🙂 …like soon… hopefully.

I really like this series of Chuck (4×13) 🙂 The episode was AWESOME! Copyright of Captain Awesome! Anyway, ZACHARY LEVI IS SO HOT. I THINK I WAS DROOLING THE ENTIRE TIME HE WAS SHOWN IN THE EPISODE. I want him for Valentine’s. If not, I’ll be my own valentine because I’m that amazing. HAHA. Sarah + Chuck getting married? I LOVE IT.



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