Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging

I know this’ll sound lame but I just watched this film today and it made me cry 😦 Reasons include

  • Aaron Johnson is so hot
  • He’s married
  • (Okay, Imma stop the Aaron Johnson ranting right now) She had 3 guys falling in love with her WTF
  • She had the PERFECT party
  • And I know this’ll never happen to me, like ever.

Anyway, I love how he wraps him arms around her; making her feel safe and far from being insecure. I just keep on thinking that maybe, just maybe, I may never find  guy like this. This breaks my heart. Love stories officially suck balls. I loved the movie though 🙂 Flawless movie. I just really wish that people would STOP MAKING FILMS THAT WOULD MAKE GIRLS LIKE ME BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE… WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT EXIST SO. I recommend this film for errbody. Definitely two thumbs up! x

PS Aaron Johnson, how are you even real?


2 thoughts on “Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging

    • well same here! 🙂 tbh, I’ve never shopped online. I just look up stuff I like and ask my relatives to buy them for me. But I’ve always shopped in-store 😉 hope to see more of you in my blog! x

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