Look After You

I chose Look After You, a song by The Fray, as my title because we’ll be talking about a very serious matter here that requires our help. As we all know Australia is still flooded; around 75% of Queensland is experiencing lack of resources and overflowing water.

Celebrities on Twitter send their support for people in the Queensland floods

The flood affected area is about the size of France AND Germany and could worsen in the next few days. They are saying that if the floods continue that all the east coast of Australia could be flooded. Currently there are 12 deaths and over 67 people missing.

To help you guys understand, this is Australia in rough comparison with the US (I didn’t do the picture btw, I scabbed it from Twitter)

To see a better view of the flooding, CLICK HERE 😐 I seriously cannot believe this is happening to them too 😦

This’ll just break your heart 😦

To donate, simply CLICK THIS LINK πŸ™‚ This will mean a lot to them. God bless and take care! x


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